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Sfenyx mystic macrame

Who am I?

My name is Laurena and I have always been passionate about art, in all its forms. I have a tendency to always need something new (I have moved more than ten times) but macramé remains in my heart and really thrills me with each creation (ok, it's only been two years that I do haha, but I feel that it will last).

I am really happy to be able to present to you my creations which come from my heart, I deeply hope that they will bring you a little light in your life ♡

Sfenyx mystic macrame



I strongly believe in reincarnation and past lives. This is why I feel in the depths of my being that we have all already lived in multiple cultures across the world and time.


These memories are within us.

Sfenyx mystic macrame

In my art, I like to bring all his memories together to create an energy of unity and light. I am inspired by ancestral memories but also by what I experience on a daily basis, by what nature, my senses, my emotions inspire in me.
My talismans are the fruit of the light that has sprung up.

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